{Vegan MoFo} Wearing Pyjamas to the Farmers’ Market

My part of the world is home to many farmers’ markets.


This post highlights some of the local, vegan and gluten-free products (and produce) available at the Byron Bay farmers’ market.

On a recent visit, Tiny Vegan, 4 years old, decided to wear his pyjamas. Over his jeans. Who was I to cramp his style (or lack thereof!)? In my neck of the woods, PJs over jeans does not warrant a raised eyebrow or a second glance.


Each week, we purchase a large quantity of green leafy vegetables for salads and green smoothies – young kale (just $2 for a large bunch), coriander, basil, baby spinach leaves, cos (romaine) lettuce, tatsoi, watercress, mixed salad leaves.


We purchase Davidson Plum chilli sauce, raw macadamia nuts, and macadamia butter from a local macadamia grower. Davidson Plums are native to this part of Australia.

A local company sells soy-free tempeh in two varieties – fava bean and wakame, and chickpea.


Recently, we bought nut cheese and a packet of flaxseed and macadamia bread from a local raw food company. This raw ‘bread’ is delicious. I cut it into smaller squares, and packed it for a picnic. We topped the bread with hommus and homemade pesto.

The bread is made of organic flax seeds, macadamia nuts, spring onions, tomatoes, dates, olive oil, Italian herbs, and celtic sea salt.


I used the nut cheese in a pesto, and as a topping on homemade flax crackers. It contains organic macadamia nuts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, smoked paprika and salt.


Sometimes we indulge in a raw dessert and a cup of locally-grown coffee. The avocado key lime pie (on left of plate) is particularly delectable. And if we call it second breakfast, rather than morning tea, the wearing of PJs is totally appropriate. 🙂

Tomorrow: A closer look at the fava bean and wakame tempeh.


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20 Responses to {Vegan MoFo} Wearing Pyjamas to the Farmers’ Market

  1. kitwocky says:

    Wow – sounds divine. My mouth is watering! And I’m loving that layered look, for what it’s worth.

  2. playlovevegan says:

    I need to get down that way somehow!

  3. natarunmore says:

    Yum! Your kids are really lucky to have you bringing these types of food home for them, this is gourmet! I love the leafy greens at the markets too, and my kids wear PJs all the time (so do I!). 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Natalie. 🙂
      The leafy greens are spectacular. They are the main draw card really. Our local supermarkets can’t compete for freshness (and price). As I said, at the market we pay $2 for young kale. At a local supermarket, we pay $5 for a smaller bunch. And the leaves are not as plump and fresh.

  4. susykat says:

    Whoa – the MacaNut Cheeze – why did I not know about this stuff?!

  5. Oh wow! You are SO SPOILT! I’ve never even heard of soy-free tempeh…and I’ve never seen nut cheese in a shop or market! I need a holiday up north!

    By the way, I love your son’s fashion sense. He’s obviously a superhero. 🙂

  6. We passed through Byron a few months ago – we didn’t get to the Byron markets though! We stayed in Main Arm, so we made it to the Mullumbimby ones a few times. I looooved the Raw Ecstacy stall, their cakes were so yummy. I was going to try the cheese and crackers next time but we ended up not being able to get back there. They sound delicious though!

  7. Sophie33 says:

    Your 4-year old son has fashion style,..ooh yeah!! What beautiful & tasty fun products you bought at that lovely market! 🙂 Lucky you! x

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  9. Mandee says:

    Hi Ally, I used to enjoy your column in Vegan Voice, glad to see you have a blog 🙂

    I can’t comment on your tempeh post but thank you so much for posting about it, I am SO excited for soy-free tempeh, I’m going to hunt down their Sydney stockists!

    • Ally says:

      Hi Mandee! It’s lovely to meet another Vegan Voice reader. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my column. I used to enjoy writing it.

      Thank you for mentioning that you couldn’t leave a comment on the tempeh post. I had inadvertently disabled the comment section. So, thank you. I have fixed it now.

      I hope you manage to find the tempeh near you. They are expanding their stockists all the time,so keep checking if there isn’t a stockist near you yet.

      Have a great day! 🙂

  10. narf77 says:

    SOOOOO envious of your ability to find markets like this! I am drooling just thinking of all of the mac nut products…but…I would probably be poorer than I am now and completely unable to fit into my pants if I lived where you do…might be best that the powers that be forced me to live in Tassie…

  11. uberdish says:

    Oh my – what a fabulous farmers’ market! The one we have in Ottawa is slowly coming along thanks to Natasha Kyssa’s raw food business. Sadly, we only have a few weeks left before they all shut down for our upcoming “snow” season. I got my first butternut squash last week. 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Oh it must be very upsetting when the markets close down.
      We are very lucky here, to have access to lots of farmers’ markets and road side stalls all year round.
      What kinds of yummy things does Natasha sell?

      • uberdish says:

        It is a little upsetting because the produce in most stores is just not the same. Natasha is a raw food chef/educator. She owns SimplyRaw Express in downtown Ottawa. She has been selling her raw juices, wraps, cakes, etc., at the farmers’ market in Ottawa. It was a nice treat to discover her there earlier this summer. In this post you will see one of her raw cheezecakes – http://uberdish.ca/2013/05/06/living-foods-so-much-to-love/

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