{Recipe} Raspberry Jam Tea Cake

You know the saying about books and refraining from judging their covers? Well, today, I am asking you to extend this sentiment to cakes. Specifically, my cake.

In the spirit of upside-down cakes, I bring you Raspberry Jam Tea Cake. What it lacks in visual appeal, it well and truly makes up for in taste.  This cake would make a delicious accompaniment to a steaming cup of hot tea on a chilly day.


I am not laying on the hyperbole when I tell you that this entire cake was eaten in under 10 minutes in my household!

Raspberry Jam Tea Cake consists of organic frozen raspberries, wholemeal spelt flour, freshly squeezed lemon juice, brown sugar, and desiccated coconut. I bestowed it with this name because the syrupy, berry topping is very reminiscent of a fine raspberry jam.


Quantity – 8-10 slices

1 cup organic frozen raspberries

1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 cup + 1/2 Tbsp brown sugar 

1 Tbsp coconut oil

1 1/2 cups wholemeal spelt flour

3/4 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup caster sugar

3/4 tsp bicarbonate soda

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

5 Tbsp unsweetened apple sauce

additional desiccated coconut for decoration


1. Line a 18 cm x 18 cm (7 in x 7 in) square cake pan with baking paper. Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F.

2. In a small saucepan, heat coconut oil. Add 1/4 cup of brown sugar and lemon juice. Stir until a syrup forms. Add raspberries, and stir well until coated with the sugar syrup.

3. Cook berries for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. Set aside to cool slightly.

4.  In a large mixing bowl, add flour, caster sugar, sifted bicarb soda, and coconut. Mix well to combine.

5. In a measuring jug, add almond milk and applesauce. Whisk with a fork.

6. Pour almond milk mixture into the mixing bowl. Mix well until just combined.

7. Sprinkle half a tablespoon of brown sugar across the base of the cake pan. Pour berry mixture into the pan, and spread evenly across the base.

8. Pour the cake batter into the cake pan on top of the berry mixture. Do not worry if some of the berry mixture seeps into the batter.

9. Bake for about 30 minutes. A skewer inserted into the centre of the cake should come out clean.

10. Allow the cake pan to sit on a kitchen counter for 20 minutes before removing the cake from the pan. This is an important step. It allows the berry mixture to thicken as it cools.

11. Transfer the cake to a plate or cake stand, berry-side facing up. Use a knife to distribute the berry mixture evenly across the surface of the cake. Then sprinkle the top with desiccated coconut.

12. Slice immediately, and serve while the cake is still warm.

We ate it as is, but I imagine it would be delicious with vanilla (soy or coconut) ice cream or whipped coconut cream.


The Tiny Vegans’ Verdicts

Do I really need to make a point of mentioning that the Tiny Vegans were enamoured with this cake?

Master 6 sneaked back for a second piece, and boasted about how he had cut it all by himself. I heard Master 4 announce that he had eaten two slices. Well that partly explains why the cake disappeared so fast! I may or may not have consumed more than one piece. I suggested that we save some for ‘later’ but, clearly, my proposal was disregarded.

My daughter likened the experience to eating freshly baked bread with jam, and commented: ‘You have to make this again’.

If you refrain from judging this cake by its cover… um… appearance, you will be entranced by it’s flavour.

Humble tea cake, you may just become a regular treat in our home!


Every Monday, I feature a delicious vegan recipe that is enjoyed by my own family – I hope your family enjoys it too!



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Mamma. Vegan. I blog at Made of Stars.

28 Responses to {Recipe} Raspberry Jam Tea Cake

  1. Hey there Ally! I actually think your cake looks delicious (obviously your family did too!). Raspberries and coconut – yum!! Celeste 🙂

  2. susykat says:

    This cake sounds SOOOO delicious!!!!

  3. Counterpane says:

    I think it looks great! I even pinned it to my vegan Pinterest page 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Oh thank you! I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      I had a look at your blog. Wow, you are very creative. And, your little one is gorgeous. Congratulations.
      (My #4 is 16 months).

  4. What do you mean “lacks in visual appeal”? It looks delicious! I can see why it didn’t stand a chance of lasting long 🙂 I also chuckled at the total disregard for your proposal. I would probably have overlooked that suggestion myself!

    • Ally says:


      Yes, well, it probably wasn’t the best proposal I have ever made 😉

      Is that scape bangle still holding up ok? 🙂 How many bottles of jam left?

      • Lol, hey, I appreciate you trying. I guess someone has to at least set up the illusion of nongluttony in the face of cake eating. The scape bangle was the most delicious piece of jewelry ever worn…and miraculously, I still have 9 jars of scape jam left! Mostly because I hid them away from myself in the cupboard. This decision was fueled by the fact that scape season appears to be over now, so those bad boys have to last me ’til next spring. Late spring at that.

  5. narf77 says:

    This cake looks CRAZY good. Forgive my spelling mistakes, our wood fire oven went out overnight and my hands are in the minus zeroes! Love the cake, am wondering if it might be something to cook for breakfast to warm me up while I am relighting the ovens? 😉

    • Ally says:

      Hi! 🙂 I hope you are keeping warm. I can relate to the stiff, frozen fingers.

      I think this could be breakfast fare, particularly if you run with my daughter’s analogy that it was like ‘freshly baked bread and jam’ You could ‘pretend’ it is bread, haha!

  6. Poppy says:

    Ally, this cake looks gorgeous!! That scarlet red raspberry layer has me sold. If that’s not enough to convince you that it is in fact visually yummy, I have happily pinned it 🙂

  7. Thomas says:

    delicious 🙂 raspberries are my favourite berry and this tea cake is a cake that I have eaten as a child many times… I have not eaten raspberries for years though… they are too expensive lol but I need to buy some you have wet my appetite with this one Ally 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Yes, I agree, they are exxy. We rarely buy fresh (ie. unfrozen) raspberries.

      We made a commitment to buying only organic frozen berries (raspberries and blueberries) after reading an article that claimed some frozen berries (sold in Aus) were found to contain traces of pesticides that are BANNED in Australia! Specifically, berries imported from Chile and China. Scary stuff! The ‘legal’ pesticides are bad enough.
      Having said that, we do buy non-organic (fresh) strawberries (local or QLD) when they are in season. I really need to grow my own!

      We tried growing blueberries once, years ago, but did not have much success. We are fortunate that we have a great range of farmers’ markets here, and an organic market.
      Even if some of our local produce is not certified organic, it may be spray-free. Or that’s what they tell us anyway 😉

      • Thomas says:

        Hey that’s a good thing to share with me as I really look at what I buy. We do not buy anything from countries where they might use crazy shit pesticides that are banned here. 😉 I will look for some when I return from my holiday.

        It’s difficult to grow these kind of berries in our climate but we are fortunate to have the tropical fruits I guess..

        Thanks and enjoy your weekend 😉

  8. I think it looks great too! Love the bits of coconut you can see in there. Can’t wait to make it!

  9. Sophie33 says:

    I made this tasty & fabulous cake yesterday! It was & is superb & even divine, Ally! ☺

  10. Brittany says:

    I would like a GIANT slice of this cake to go with my coffee, and THEN I will have some with tea in the afternoon..TWO slices for me!

  11. VegCharlotte says:

    This looks awesome … My stepmother was a huge lover of raspberries; I know she would have loved this! On my to-try list.

  12. Starr says:

    You’re too modest, Ally! The cake looks great to me!… hmm, it’s funny how cakes and pies disappear so much faster when kids and spouses cut their own pieces 😉 It seems to work that way in my home too.

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Starr 🙂 I appreciate your enthusiasm. We’ll be in trouble once our toddler is old enough for cake! Less cake for me! 😉

  13. liveblissful says:

    Still looks appealing too me, I love tea cake with jam! I will have to bookmark this to make for my colleagues at work 🙂

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