{Interview} Why Vegan?

Readers of Made of Stars know that I have been an ethical vegan for 17 years, and that Mat and I are raising tiny vegans.


I had the opportunity to reflect on my journey to veganism when Joanna of Green Reset interviewed me for the Why Vegan section of  her blog.

Click here to read my interview.

Also, I recommend reading Joanna’s interview with Sergei Boutenko – especially if you enjoy green smoothies. You will find Sergei’s interview here.

I extend my gratitude to Joanna for featuring my vegan journey on Green Reset. Thank you Joanna 🙂



About Ally
Mamma. Vegan. I blog at Made of Stars.

23 Responses to {Interview} Why Vegan?

  1. The Vegan Green says:

    That was a really good interview post, full of useful advice!

  2. Christine Waters says:

    Wonderful interview Ally. I feel so proud of you & also what you & Mat have done for your Children. The best thing I have ever done is to become a Vegan, & that is down to you & your whole Family which also includes your Mum, Dad & your Sister. Love you heaps. Auntie Chris xxxx

    • susykat says:

      We love you too! 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Aaaawww, thanks Chris! I am so proud of you, and the manner in which you have enthusiastically embraced veganism. I am so happy about the amazing health transformation you have achieved! You were glowing when we saw you.
      I am still planning to write about your vegan journey. It is inspirational.
      I’m glad you liked the interview. Thank you for the positive comment about the kids. 🙂
      Love you lots xxx

  3. susykat says:

    LOVE this interview, Ally! ❤

  4. Sophie33 says:

    A grand interview, Ally! Well done you! xxx

  5. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award 🙂 http://thevegankat.com/?p=2173&preview=true

  6. narf77 says:

    Woot! I have been vegan for 17 years as well :). My daughter Beth was vegan for 5 years as well (now she eats meat for the queen 😦 ). Glad to meet you and just crammed you into my RSS Feed Reader…you are number 395 :).

    • Ally says:

      I am honored to be number 395, thank you!
      It’s great to meet another 17-year vegan! Woo hoo! We’re not dead yet. 😉 we haven’t died from lack of meat, and our bones haven’t snapped. 🙂
      You’re number 110 in my reader.

      • narf77 says:

        Yeah, I was planning on dissolving next week but decided to hold it together till my kids bought me my mothers day gifts and then I could just do my best drama queen wicked witch of the west and learn to live without my bones…entirely overrated methinks! ;).

  7. tahinitoo says:

    What a wonderful interview, Ally! You live an inspired and admirable life. I am beyond thrilled at your success with raising vegan children. So many people scoff at the concept, and your family is pure proof that it’s not only possible, but effective as well. Thanks for sharing a little peek into your world.

  8. liveblissful says:

    Great interview! Well done on 17years, you are my inspiration 🙂

  9. Thomas says:

    very interesting interview !! well done 🙂 I hope that many people read this and will take some fear away from the common opinion that raising children is not right or they will suffer in the nutritional sense. Also awesome for you to mention Ethical Vegan 🙂 too

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Thomas!
      I felt that it was important to use the term ‘ethical vegan’. That’s what I am! Proudly.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, and I am grateful for your positive comment.
      I hope you are well.

  10. Xiomara says:

    AII loved your interview! I especially enjoyed reading about your kids asking everyone if they’re vegan. I am fascinated by kids understanding and approach towards veganism. My nephew, 8, tells EVERYONE at restaurants and grocery stores that I am vegan– I don’t understand why, but find it amusing.

  11. Andra Muhoberac says:

    A very lovely interview, indeed! So much good advice, too!

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