{Recipe} Mushroom and Parsley Tarts


We celebrated our daughter’s birthday recently. In the process, Mat and I celebrated 9 years of parenthood. What a heart warming, blissful, hilarious, exciting, exhausting, wondrous, magical, frustrating, glorious, joyful journey it has been (and continues to be)!

I am immensely proud of the compassionate, generous, and inquisitive child that our daughter has blossomed into.

For her birthday, I baked lemon cheesecake (see this recipe) and a one-layer Mocha Almond Fudge cake. We were blessed with a (one week) visit from Mat’s mum. Our daughter was showered with love, adoration, and gifts from all of her grandparents.


She had a birthday sleepover with a few friends. Our brood of four swelled to seven, for 20 hours. Our boys were excited about playing with the ‘big kids’! My daughter is very fortunate to have kind friends in her life, who also didn’t seem to mind that they had acquired two little shadows (and an occasional baby shadow)!

When we discussed the food that she would like to have at her party, the birthday girl requested Mushroom and Parsley Tarts (as an afternoon snack) and bean nachos (for dinner). My daughter is very decisive. Another of her admirable qualities.

Mat made Banana Oat pancakes (gluten-free version) with blueberries and maple syrup, for all of the kids for breakfast the next morning.

By late morning, we had some weary children on our hands. As has been the long running tradition of all good sleepover parties – the children stayed up way past their regular bedtimes! So, incidentally, did the adults!


For the party, I made mini Mushroom and Parsley Tarts.

We usually make the tarts in a 12-cup patty pan (ie. a shallow, domed muffin tray). If you don’t have a patty pan, you can use a regular muffin tray. (It may just be a little tricky to remove the baked tarts from the muffin tray. Take care that they don’t break apart).

The following recipe refers to a regular size tart, and the variation for mini tarts is discussed below.

Mushroom and Parsley Tarts

Quantity – Approximately 18 tarts


2 sheets puff pastry, thawed

1 1/2 tablespoons vegan margarine (or olive oil)

2 tablespoons plain flour

1 1/4 cups rice milk (or other non-dairy milk)

2 cups chopped mushrooms

3 tablespoons chopped red onions

3 tablespoons finely chopped parsley

1 tsp dijon mustard

sea salt, to taste

pepper, to taste

Garnish: chopped parsley

You will also need:

2 x 12-cup patty pan or 2 x regular muffin tray.


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 deg C/ 350F for a fan-forced oven.

2. Melt the margarine (or heat the oil) in a saucepan over a low heat. Add the flour and stir to combine. Cook for 1-2 minutes.

3. Gradually add the rice milk and bring to the boil, stirring constantly to gain a smooth (but thick) consistency. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 3 minutes.

4. Add the mushrooms, onions, parsley, mustard, salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Simmer for 2 minutes. Then, remove from heat.

5. Cut the pastry into 18 large circles (I use the top of my stainless steel metric 1/2 cup to cut the circles):


6. With your fingers, mould each circle of pastry into the patty pan cups. Scoop about 1 – 1.5 heaped Tbsp of mushroom mixture into each pastry circle:


7. Bake in the oven for approximately 14 minutes, or until pastry is golden.

8. Gently remove tarts from the trays. Garnish with chopped parsley, and serve immediately.





To make Mini Tarts

You will need: 2 x mini muffin trays (each tin has 24 cups)

Method: I used the top of a 1/4 metric cup to cut the pastry for the birthday mini tarts (see pic above). You could use a small cookie cutter.

Quantity: I made 24 mini tarts plus 7 regular-sized tarts (I only own 1 mini muffin tin). I estimate that the mixture should make approximately 38 mini tarts.

Baking time: approximately 12 minutes (180 deg C/350F, fan-forced oven):


The tarts were snapped up in no time!


Every Monday, I post a delicious vegan recipe that is enjoyed by my own family. It is my sincere hope that your family enjoys it too.


[Edited on 8 April 2013 to include more detailed information about baking trays, and up-dated photos.] 


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Mamma. Vegan. I blog at Made of Stars.

16 Responses to {Recipe} Mushroom and Parsley Tarts

  1. Mushrooms! Yum yum 🙂

  2. That sounds delicious Ally. And also remarkably similar to the mushroom vol-au-vents that my mother used to make when I was a kid. I think the only difference is hers were veg, not vegan, and I’m not sure she added onion or mustard, as I can’t remember that well. But they were yummy, which is why yours sound excellent. Was your puff pastry home made, or can you buy prepared vegan pastry? ! Nearest I could get to that would be filo. Which would probably work with a few layers. Great tasty party food!

    • Ally says:

      Hi! 🙂
      I used frozen, store-bought pastry. We have a brand called Borg’s in Australia. They make vegan frozen pastry (it even says ‘vegan’ on the packaging). I am keen to make my own pastry though, with spelt flour or whole wheat (wholemeal) flour.
      I can’t remember the last time I used Filo pastry, so I feel unqualified to respond! I occasionally use short crust pastry for pie bases or samosas (curry puffs).

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Waw! These mushroom & parsley mini tarts look amazing & tasty too! They look fantastic even! A must try: that’s for sure! xxx

  4. Thomas says:

    Beautiful post…. Its great to see mushrooms in a recipe.. I love them in pastry.. a must try for me too 😀

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Thom! I am a self-confessed mushroom fan! I hope you like them.

      • Thomas says:

        I am too. Mushrooms and baby spinach on sour dough toast for breakfast is a winner for me. Also mushrooms stuffed with vegan cream cheese with chives is another favourite

      • Ally says:

        Oh yum! Both of those sound scrumptious! Sometimes I cook mushies up with olive oil, garlic and parsley for a side dish. I love shiitake mushrooms too.

  5. susykat says:

    Yum – the tarts are like mini Mellawahs! (Just need to be drowned in copious amounts of chilli sauce!) 😀
    It sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration – I’m sure the birthday girl was stoked with the range of mouth watering delights presented to her!

  6. Sounds like the birthday girl had a wonderful celebration 🙂 Everything looks so yummy, too. Think we may need to try out that Mocha Almond Fudge Cake! Ooh, and I love cheesecake. How do you think this compares to raw cheesecake? I have never made a vegan cooked one so am a bit curious. The tarts are pretty clever, too. Always looking for vegan party food ideas, and as you know we love the pancake recipe. Yum.

    • Ally says:

      Yes, you must try the cake! I finally have all the flours I need to make Angela’s gluten-free flour blend, so that I can make a gluten-free version of the cake. My birthday is coming up- maybe someone will make it for me! Wheat, gluten-free, whatever!
      Do you make your own pastry? Can you buy vegan, gluten-free pastry? I know that frozen gluten-free pastry is available here but I don’t know if it’s vegan.
      The birthday girl had a lot of fun. She was exhausted by the Sunday afternoon, after all the sleepover fun!

  7. I dislike mushrooms – but I think my mom might enjoy this recipe! I’m going to keep it in mind if I ever get pastry dough again. Thanks! And you have beautiful daughters :)!

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