{Recipe} Pecan Date Nibblers | Cinnamon Date Slice


Both of these recipes feature dates. One is raw, one is baked. Both are suitable for school lunchboxes, or an afternoon snack. Cinnamon Date Slice is gluten free and refined sugar-free, with an oil free option. My children adore this slice.

Pecan Date Nibblers are wheat free, oil free, and refined sugar-free. There is a variation to make them gluten-free. They are very popular in my household. Β The recipe lists lemon or orange zest as optional. I always use orange zest. I think it should be compulsory! The orange flavour is very appealing.


Pecan Date Nibblers

Recipe from: Let them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton (yes, another Dreena recipe!).

Quantity: 12-15

Recipe available here.



Cinnamon Date Slice

Adapted from a recipe in Fresh Blends, the book that accompanied our Blendtec blender.

Quantity: 20 squares


2/3 cup raw almonds

2/3 cup raw macadamia nuts

1 cup ground flax seedsΒ 

1 1/2 Tbsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup date paste, store bought or homemade (recipe below)

1/3 cup sultanas

1/4 cup walnuts, chopped

1 Tbsp agave syrup (or maple syrup)

Topping: 2 Tbsp ground almonds, 2 Tbsp shredded coconut, 1-2 Tbsp sunflower seeds, 20 walnut pieces.


1. Add almonds, macadamia nuts, cinnamon, and sea salt to a food processor, and process until nuts are ground.

2. Add nut mixture and ground flax seeds to a large mixing bowl. Mix well.

3. Add date paste and agave (or maple) syrup to the mixing bowl, and stir until incorporated.

4. Add sultanas and walnuts. Mix well.

5. Line a large baking dish with baking paper* (parchment) and scoop the mixture into the dish. Flatten the mixture with the back of a large spoon.

6. Sprinkle the top with ground almonds, shredded coconut, and sunflower seeds.

7. Refrigerate (or place in the freezer) for a few hours before cutting into 20 squares. Place a walnut piece on each square. Store slice in fridge or freezer.

Date Paste

Quantity – approximately 1 cup


10 dates, pitted

2 Tbsp agave syrup (or maple syrup)

2 Tbsp coconut oil (optional, but the slice is drier without it)

1/4 cup dried apricots

1 cup of water (for soaking dates)


1. Soak dates in water for 1-2 hours. Reserve 1/4 cup of the soaking water for step 2.

2. In a small food processor, add ingredients in the following order: soaking water, dates, agave (maple) syrup, coconut oil, and dried apricots.

3. Process until smooth.

Store the leftover date paste in the fridge. Date paste is yummy on bread or crackers, with macadamia butter.


* I had run out of baking paper on this occasion. It is much easier to extract the slice from the dish if you use baking paper, but it is not essential.

Each Monday, I feature a couple of delicious vegan recipes that are enjoyed by my own family. I hope your family enjoys them too!



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23 Responses to {Recipe} Pecan Date Nibblers | Cinnamon Date Slice

  1. That cinnamon date slice sounds so freakin’ delicious! Also – totally loving that you dig cute bento stuff too… The only difference between us being that you have kids to use as an excuse πŸ˜‰

    • Ally says:

      haha! Yes, I get to live vicariously through my children! Lunchboxes in my day were so dull – a vegemite sandwich, frozen ‘poppa’, apple, and ‘vita-weat’ biscuits wrapped in aluminium foil or grease proof paper. Ah, those were the days! haha…

  2. susykat says:

    I have been indulging my almost forgotten love of dates quite a bit lately! I hadn’t bought them for years until a couple of months back, and now I always have them on hand. They are such a good snack – they are just delectable. They are like nature’s perfect dessert. I love the sound of the nibblers and the slice πŸ™‚

    • Ally says:

      I love dates too. They are so versatile. Medjool are my favourite variety.
      I took the nibblers to a picnic recently, and they were very popular- with kids and adults.

  3. uberdish says:

    Two thumbs up, Ally! Both treats look soooo yummy! Great idea to use dates over refined sugar, especially for the kiddies.

  4. Sophie33 says:

    3 amazing & well flavoured recipes, dear Ally! So special all too! πŸ™‚ MMMM!

  5. liveblissful says:

    Both sweets look delicious, your kids are very lucky!

  6. Nik says:

    yum, yum, yum and yum! Archie and I just made the nibblers, delicious! Not sure if there’ll be any left for jas and connor when they get home πŸ™‚ Got inspired and ordered Dreena’s cookbook too, thanks ally.

    • Ally says:

      Oh that’s great Nik! I’m so happy to hear that you and Archie enjoyed them. I have been known to make a double batch just to make sure there are enough to go around. Mat really likes them too.
      I am a big fan of Dreena’s recipes. Stating the obvious, I know πŸ™‚
      Enjoy the book. The first recipe we made from it was a dressing – curry almond dressing. Superb. Then we made the pumpkin cake – scrumptious.
      Thanks for letting me know about the nibblers.

  7. Starr says:

    So where do I sign up for my own, personal, awesome lunch-maker like yourself? I’m seriously envying your kids right now. Those date slices look fantastic!

    • Ally says:

      haha! That is kind of you. Maybe we can do an exchange. πŸ˜‰ I’ll make you a yummy lunch box and you can make me some choc hazelnut spread. πŸ™‚

  8. Brittany says:

    Those date bars look unreal! Oh my gosh I must make those.

  9. Xiomara says:

    Your raw food always looks so amazing! I am so unfamiliar with raw foods besides juicing and vegetables. Thanks for sharing another great looking (and im sure tasting) recipe

  10. glad you posted these, I’ve been thinking about making something similar this week!

  11. These look incredible Ally! I love the sound of the cinnamon one. I love how much of a treat they are, but still so healthy! Delicious!

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Brandi! Yes, I agree. The slice is very dense, so you don’t need a big piece to feel satisfied!
      I hope you are well. πŸ™‚

  12. Pingback: {Recipe} Vegan Lunchbox Snacks | Made of Stars

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