Milk: Cow Breast is Best…Apparently!

I received the following image in a text message from my sister:


Followed closely by this one:

Article 2

Both images are snippets from the same magazine, two pages apart.

The magazine is called Women’s Health and Fitness Australia (May 2012), and my sister stumbled upon it in a waiting room recently.

Here is the complete page of ‘Bulging Bevs’:


At first I just laughed at the absurdity.

‘Drinking milk is the most natural thing in the world-it’s about the first thing we do as babies.’

Yes, it is natural- for babies! Nothing controversial about that statement. However, the next sentence is incongruous: ‘And you should be drinking milk to ward off osteoporosis’. Are they suggesting that we should continue to drink human milk beyond childhood? Of course not. The suggestion to ‘consider skim milk in frothy [beverages]’ confirms that they are referring to cows’ milk.

Obviously, human breast milk is most natural for humans. However, the article appears to suggest that drinking cows’ milk is the most natural thing in the world’.

It also implies that drinking milk is ‘natural’ beyond babyhood. Surely, humans do not require milk beyond childhood? I have not seen adult mammals breastfeeding.

The magazine clearly has a ‘problem’ with human breast milk for adults – ice cream made from human milk is regarded as ‘too much’ (ie. over the top).

Milk from a bovine species with four stomachs is regarded as desirable in hot beverages, but the milk of a woman – a fellow human- is regarded as distasteful when used to produce ice cream.

It really is quite baffling!

Milk is a necessary form of nourishment for baby cows and baby humans. In conjunction with colostrum, milk is their first food. It is entirely natural for a baby to drink milk from his/her mother’s breasts.

Breastfeeding my daughter at 10 months old

Breastfeeding my daughter at 10 months old

But, if we accept that it is OK – natural, even- to consume milk beyond childhood, shouldn’t we at least consume milk that is biologically designed for human bodies? Human milk.

Why drink cows’ milk?

Lunch Time Cow Style(source)

Humans are a strange bunch!

The dairy industry has been very successful at convincing people that they need cows’ milk in order to obtain, and maintain, healthy bones.

It does not make logical, or biological, sense that human bone development is dependent on milk that a lactating cow produces for her calf. In fact, evidence suggests that cows’ milk consumption is harmful to human health.

Breast IS best for cows and humans. Cows milk for calves; human milk for human babies (and toddlers).

What about adults?

You don’t need any milk, let alone the breast milk of a cow.

You’re not a baby!

But if you do want to indulge in ‘infantile behaviour’, I suggest sampling the human milk ice cream with vanilla pods and lemon zest.

The only negative aspect is the exorbitant price.

Why do you think some people find the thought of consuming human milk distasteful, while happily adding cows’ milk to their coffee and cereal?



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11 Responses to Milk: Cow Breast is Best…Apparently!

  1. Love that you point this out, Ally. The argument for milk always amazes me. Advertisements leading people to believe that consumption of cow’s milk is good for them is beyond me! I will stick to my almond, hemp, & coconut milk 🙂

  2. liveblissful says:

    I think people just don’t think cows milk is breast milk of a cow. Yet they often think woman’s breast milk is ‘gross’ or relate it to the the sexuality of the breast and therefore don’t think babies should be fed from them in public. I think that’s why people consider it distasteful.
    I never thought of milk (or cream/cheese/etc) as breast milk either, until I read it somewhere and it made me really think about it for the first time. I think we get brainwashed as children to think its a ‘normal’ beverage that we need for our bones.
    For people that aren’t vegan/vegetarian/intolerant, even if they consider cows milk negatively, milk is in so many things that they think its enough to give up drinking milk in their cereal but don’t think about everything else its in. I think mainstream health nutritionists need to acknowledge what it really is and the health problems related to milk, for the majority of people to see there is something wrong with it. Until then the dairy industry will continue to win.

    • Ally says:

      Thank you for your insightful reply liveblissful!
      I agree- people probably don’t think about milk from a cow as breast milk. Cows’ milk is so normalised in our culture.

      Mat used to get ‘teased’ by a barista in one of our local cafes because he ordered soy lattes. I told Mat that he should reply: ‘and you think drinking the lactation fluids of a cow’s mammary gland is normal’?! But he never did. He’s too polite. 🙂

  3. susykat says:

    The two snippets from the magazine – two pages apart – are absolutely preposterous. It certainly demonstrates the “disconnect” that many people have when it comes to cow’s milk. As liveblissful above points out, the dairy industry has been SO successful in thwarting any logic on the issue. Many genuinely believe we NEED cow’s milk for optimal health! It is just so nonsensical. And the fact that a (supposed) health magazine is peddling these lies and inconsistencies is ultra concerning.

    • Ally says:

      Hear hear! Thanks Su.
      Thank you also for inspiring the blog post.
      I wonder what other nonesense this magazine is peddling? Sadly, as we know, they aren’t the only publication promoting this misinformation.

  4. andra muhoberac says:

    Yeah! It’s all pretty weird! Good article, Alison!


  5. Great article Ally! It’s hard for me to believe that society, in general, doesn’t question milk drinking. Of course, I didn’t question it for years either. I suppose it’s hard not to question something you’ve been taught to do since childhood, that everyone else is doing and that is promoted as “healthy.”

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