{Recipe} Raspberry Cheesecake (vegan, no-bake)


Tiny Vegan, 6 years old, will celebrate his birthday soon.

He has reminded me several times that he would like a raw blueberry cheesecake for his birthday – the same cake that I made for his dad’s birthday.

The raw blueberry cheesecake is delicious and simple to prepare, but I had been planning on making some changes to the recipe.

With Father’s Day coming up (on Sunday, in Australia) and my son’s birthday only weeks away, it was a good time to experiment with cheesecake preparation.

So, I gave Mat a choice of strawberry or raspberry. No prizes for guessing which one he chose.

Fortunately, this cheesecake is suitable to freeze, so there is no ‘pressure’ to gobble it down in a few days. Unless you want to.

The base consists of raw macadamia nuts, medjool dates, raw cacao powder and desiccated coconut.

The filling consists of freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, raw macadamia butter, vanilla extract, and coconut oil.

Raw macadamia butter is a suitable and simple alternative to soaked macadamia nuts or cashews for the cheesecake filling. In fact, I think it is superior.

The topping features organic frozen raspberries, maple syrup and lemon juice.



(The filling is inspired by this recipe)

Quantity- 10 slices


1 cup/150g raw macadamia nuts

1/3 cup/70g pitted medjool dates

1/2 Tbsp raw cacao powder

2 Tbsp desiccated coconut


3/4 cup melted coconut oil

3/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, strained of pulp

3/4 cup pure maple syrup

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups raw macadamia butter


3/4 cup frozen organic raspberries, defrosted

1 Tbsp pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice


1. Line the base of a springform cake tin with baking paper.

2. For base: Add macadamia nuts to a food processor. While processing the nuts, add the cacao powder and coconut through the chute. Once nuts have been processed to a crumb consistency, add the pitted dates and process until combined.

Press the mixture into the cake tin, and smooth the top with a spatula. Place in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.

3. For the filling: Prepare the filling once the base has been in the freezer for 2 hours. Add all of the ingredients to a high speed blender (or food processor) in the order that they are listed. Blend until smooth. I use the ‘smoothie’ setting on my Blendtec blender.

Retrieve the cake tin (base) from the freezer, and pour the filling into it. Smooth the top with a spatula. Set cake tin aside.

4. For the topping: Use a mini food processor or an immersion (stick) blender to combine the defrosted raspberries, maple syrup and lemon juice. Blend until smooth. Pour the raspberry sauce into a small jug.

5. Drizzle the raspberry sauce onto the top of the cake in a spiral pattern, starting from the outside and working inwards. Retain a couple of tablespoons of sauce in the jug, for serving. Use the tip of a chopstick (or similar implement) to create a swirl pattern in the raspberry sauce. Or, cover the entire surface of the cake with the raspberry sauce.

6. Cover the cake tin and place it in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours.

7. Once the cheesecake is frozen, remove it from the freezer. You may need to run a knife around the inside edge of the cake tin to separate the cake from the sides before you undo the clasp.

Once you have removed the springform section of the tin, place the face of a large plate on top of the cake. Turn the cake upside down and carefully remove the cake tin bottom, and the baking paper. Then place the surface of another large plate (or cake stand) over the base of the cake, and invert the cake so that it now facing the right way up. If you do this before the cake is adequately frozen, you will smudge the raspberry topping.

8. Serve immediately. Decorate with additional raspberry sauce (optional).

9. Store leftovers in the fridge or freezer.


Mat’s Verdict

Mat was very happy with his early Father’s Day ‘gift’. He insinuated that I should make another one on Sunday as this was only the ‘practice run’.

The Tiny Vegans’ Verdict

The kids were happy that Father’s Day had come early to our house.

6-year-old Tiny Vegan asked if he could have two birthday cakes: ‘this one, and the one that daddy had’. I suggested that I could make one the same as ‘this one’ but use blueberries instead. He contemplated that for a moment. But, it is obvious that he has his heart set on the raw blueberry cheesecake –  or the thought of two birthday cakes!

His reaction has left me pondering whether I really do need to tweak the other recipe. He loves it just how it is.

Each Monday, I feature a delicious vegan recipe that is enjoyed by my own family  – I hope your family enjoys it too.


{Recipe} Kahlua Chocolate Cheesecake (no-bake, vegan)

Kahlua. Chocolate. Maple Syrup. Walnuts. Cacao powder.

When a cake consists of these ingredients, you know it’s going to be scrumptious.

My mum celebrated her birthday last week. My sister, Susannah, flew up from Sydney for a couple of days to join the festivities.

Susannah and I prepared dinner – pumpkin lasagne with salad – and a birthday cake. We decided on a chocolate cheesecake that contains a delightful addition – Kahlua (a coffee liqueur).


This cheesecake recipe was created by Miriam of Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes, and she refers to it as: The Best-Ever Chocoholics ‘Cheesecake’. The recipe consists of a base and a filling, and does not require baking.

Miriam recommends that the cake languish in the fridge overnight before serving. We refrigerated our cake for a few hours, and that was sufficient. It was delicious the next day too, as the texture had continued to firm up, and the flavours had intensified.


We found the original filling recipe to be a bit ‘grainy’ and ‘tofu-y’ for our liking – perhaps our brand of tofu was to blame!- so we used greater quantities of melted chocolate and sweetener.

We used vegan ‘milk chocolate’- style chocolate chips rather than dark chocolate; maple syrup instead of agave syrup. A couple of tablespoons of almond milk created a smoother texture.

The recipe lists Kahlua as an ingredient for the base. We added it to the filling too! This was definitely an ‘adults-only’ cake. You should have seen the Tiny Vegans’ faces when we told them that the cake was only for the adults*. We nearly had a mutiny on our hands!


The Base – 

We made very minor changes to the base.

The base consists of:

Biscuits, walnuts, coconut oil, cocoa powder (we used raw cacao powder), coffee powder (we omitted this), icing sugar, orange zest, kahlua, and salt.

The base is required to spend an hour in the fridge in order to ‘set’.

To prepare the base, refer to Miriam’s recipe here.


To prepare the filling, refer to the ingredients list and method detailed below:

Filling ingredients – 

350g (12oz) firm silken tofu

300g (10oz) non-dairy sweetened chocolate chips, melted

3 Tbsp raw cacao powder, made into a paste with 50ml(3 Tbsp)of hot water – cool slightly

1 Tbsp icing sugar, sifted

1 Tbsp Kahlua

3 Tbsp maple syrup

2 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)

Decoration: non-dairy white chocolate and dark chocolate


1. Place the ingredients into a food processor in the order that they are listed. Process until smooth. Add additional almond milk if the texture is too thick. Taste the filling before adding it to the base. If it is not sweet enough, add an additional tablespoon of maple syrup. You may want to add more Kahlua!

2. Remove the base from the fridge. Pour the filling into the base, and smooth the surface with a spatula.

3. Refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight).

4. For decoration, sprinkle finely grated white chocolate and dark chocolate across the surface of the cake. Decorate with small wedges of dark chocolate.



*The Tiny Vegans didn’t miss out. They were each given a bowl of soy ice cream with chocolate shavings. Later, they sampled some banoffee pie (made by my mum). Things were put right in their world after all. :)


Each Monday, I feature a delicious vegan recipe that is enjoyed by my (extended) family  – I hope your family enjoys it too!

{Recipe} Cucumber and Nut Cheese Bites | Lime Cheesecake (vegan).

We celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday yesterday.

My sister, my brother-in-law, and my dad’s brother arrived from Sydney to join our family and local friends for the festivities.

We enjoyed lots of delicious food, and I indulged in a couple of drinks. My brother-in-law makes a mean Espresso Martini!

We shared tonnes of laughs. As the evening progressed, we put on our dancing shoes. We sung, we reminisced. The evening will always hold a special place in my memory.

On to the food!

We all pitched in to prepare a scrumptious vegan spread. I made Uberdish’s gluten-free  savoury crepes. They are delicious smeared with non-dairy cream cheese and other dips. I also enjoy them plain.

Savoury crepes

Savoury crepes

Mat made cucumber and nut cheese bites (recipe below).

My mum baked two birthday cakes (both vegan, of course) – Chocolate Cake with Cacao Icing, and Lime Cheesecake (recipe below).


Delicious finger food

Delicious finger food

Cucumber and Nut Cheese Bites


1/2 continental cucumber (or 1 large Lebanese cucumber)

1/2 punnet cherry tomatoes, quartered

Nut cheese (recipe below)

Alfalfa sprouts

Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced

1. Slice cucumber into the desired number of pieces.
2. Smear nut cheese on each piece of cucumber.
3. Top with olives, tomato and sprouts in preferred combinations.


nut cheese

Nut Cheese

Adapted from: Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen (Mozarella Cheese).


1 cup raw macadamia nuts (soaked overnight)

1 cup raw cashew nuts (soaked overnight)

1 Tbsp soy sauce/tamari OR 2 tbsp Bragg liquid aminos

1/2 cup water

1 1/2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 – 1 Tbsp water (optional)

Cashews and macadamia nuts

Cashews and macadamia nuts


1. Add all ingredients, except optional water, to a blender (I use an immersion blender).
2. Blend until all ingredients are smooth. Add additional water if required (I added an additional 1/2 tbsp).

* Use leftover nut cheese on crackers, or as a dip with raw vegies. It complements beautifully this raw pasta dish.



Lime Cheesecake with Soy Whip

My mum is the vegan cheesecake expert in our family. This Lime Cheesecake recipe is the product of two recipes, plus some trial, error and ingenuity.

Incidentally, my mum is well known (in our family at least!) for a delightful dessert known as Upside-Down Cheesecake. The secret method for Upside-Down Cheesecake is to cause the bottom of the springform pan to collapse as you are removing the baked cheesecake from the oven. This takes great skill and timing! Then, salvage the cheesecake that has fallen onto the oven door, and transfer it to a container. Refrigerate. Serve in a bowl, eat with a spoon. Delicious!

lime cheesecake1

Lime Cheesecake


For the base (adapted from The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook) –

125g (4 oz) vegan margarine/butter

200g (7 oz) plain, sweet vegan biscuits, finely crushed

2 tbsp brown sugar

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 deg C/350 F, and line a springform tin with baking paper.
2. Melt the margarine in a saucepan, then add the biscuit crumbs. Mix well.
3. Stir in the sugar.
4. Press the biscuit mixture into the base of the springform tin. Smooth the top.
5. Refrigerate the base while you prepare the filling.

For the filling (adapted from this recipe by Michael Greger) –

450g/16 oz non-dairy cream cheese

2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

1 tsp lime zest

2/3 cup caster sugar

1/4 cup water

2 Tbsp cornflour

1. Process the cream cheese in a food processor.
2. Add the caster sugar, lime juice and lime zest. Process again until ingredients are incorporated.
3. In a large mixing bowl, add water and cornflour. Whisk until combined.
4. Add the cream cheese mixture to the mixing bowl, and combine.
5. Remove cake tin from the fridge.
6. Pour filling into cake tin, and smooth the top.
7. Bake for approximately 35 minutes, until a golden brown skin forms on the top.
8. Allow cake to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Serve with homemade non-dairy cream or Soyatoo soy whip.


Each Monday, I feature a delicious vegan recipe (or two!) – one that is enjoyed by my family (and a few friends). I hope your family enjoys it too.



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