Hatching Projects: Not all they’re cracked up to be

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I am ending my extended blogging break by introducing an article that I wrote about classroom hatching projects for Discordia Zine.




Chicks in the classroom: Not all it’s cracked up to be

The children squeal and jostle as they compete for a good viewing spot.

‘Ok, boys and girls, do you all remember what to do?’ The question is largely rhetorical. Of course they remember! They have practised many times, and all have eagerly awaited this moment.

‘Cluck, cluck…cluck, cluck’. The teacher joins the chorus of children’s voices. Their efforts are rewarded: An egg with a pronounced crack emits a faint chirp.

One by one, the inhabitants of the eggs emerge into an incubator; to a motherless existence. The chicks do not experience the welcoming chirps or body warmth of a doting and nurturing mother. Instead, a heat lamp set to 37 degrees Celsius provides their only warmth. They will never know the comfort of snuggling beneath a mother’s outstretched wing.

An unhatched egg lies still, and silent. Several of the children express their concerns for the unborn chick. The teacher knows that it should have hatched by now: the chick is dead.

What is a hatching project?

Hatching projects are promoted as ‘fun and easy do-it-yourself programs that enable children to see chicks actually hatching from their eggs’. School teachers are particularly encouraged to use hatching projects in their classrooms, and some companies also offer hatching projects to nursing homes.


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{Guest post} Does apple juice have eggs in it?

I am thrilled to be guest blogging at Appetite Affliction today.  :)

I write about my experiences of parenting tiny vegans, in the 0-5 age range.

Nat is the creator of Appetite Affliction. Some of you already know her. But for those who don’t, Nat is a vegan, a lover of tahini and, like me, she lives in Australia and shares her home with mischievous magpies.😉

I also regard her as a friend.


A mischievous magpie.


Does apple juice have eggs in it?

My daughter was 3 years old when she posed this question. It marks the first occasion that she asked about the ‘vegan status’ of a food. It was an important milestone in my eyes, and I remember the moment fondly.

Today, I have been sharing my life with tiny vegans for almost a decade.

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A massive thank you to Nat, for giving me the opportunity to share my vegan parenting journey with the readers of Appetite Affliction.

To readers of Made of Stars, I encourage you to explore the recipes and restaurant reviews on Appetite Affliction.

Also, I direct all Star Wars fans to this page. I am considering the Banana-Passionfruit Lego Stormtrooper cake for a tiny vegan’s up-coming birthday party.


Breastfeeding in Public: What’s the Problem?

Breastfeeding in Public: What’s the Problem? 

I explore this issue in my latest guest post at Discordia Zine.


Earlier this week, I was dismayed to read that a woman was harassed for breastfeeding her 9 month old baby in a café. Not again!

This comes hot on the heels of an incident in January, where a woman at a public swimming pool was asked to refrain from breastfeeding her baby ‘out in the open’.

I can happily report that I have never encountered vitriol, dirty looks, or snide comments while breastfeeding in public. And I have some form!

As a mother of four, I have engaged in public breastfeeding on hundreds of occasions in a myriad of places……

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Why I Chose Homebirth

Something a little bit different today!

I am excited to announce that I am guest contributor at Discordia Zine. I write about my decision to birth Little Baker at home.


Why I Chose Homebirth

In the pre-dawn darkness of Valentine’s Day last year, I birthed my precious son into the warm water of a birthing pool.

My arms and heart embraced him. In my euphoria, I uttered words of love and welcome. Hello beautiful. Welcome home….

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A big thank you to Bek for publishing my post.

Being Thankful: Guest Contributor at The Cook to Love Project

I am excited to announce that I am guest contributor at The Cook to Love Project !

I extend my gratitude to Laura for publishing my piece, Being Thankful.

In Being Thankful I discuss a simple method that my family uses to cultivate gratitude in our daily life.  I also share my efforts to live joyfully and positively – of striving to transform negativity.

May you feel inspired and uplifted!


‘My Family’ – constructed by my daughter, using play dough.

Visit The Cook to Love Project for inspirational articles and delicious recipes, like Spiced Sweet Potato Hummus (I made it for a picnic recently, and it is truly scrumptious).

And for those who are waiting for ‘F is for …..’ , I promise it will be here soon.


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