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I am thrilled to announce that I was voted #1 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Vegan and Vegetarian Moms 2013.

I am over the moon!

I am deeply thankful to everyone who voted – friends, family members, and ‘followers’ of Made of Stars. Thank you for your support and kindness.

As a newbie blogger, it is very exciting to receive this type of accolade. It warms my heart to know that people are engaging with Made of Stars and finding the content useful.

I want to acknowledge each blogger in the competition.  There is great diversity and talent within our group. I look forward to connecting with the moms that I have not yet had the good fortune to ‘meet’.

I also want to acknowledge the bloggers who were voted into the Top 25.  Congratulations on your achievement!

To the blogs that were awarded a ‘Blog to Watch’  or ‘Most Influential’ title, congratulations on receiving recognition for your talents.




….with a lot of support.
Can you help me stay there?

My blog is a month old today. Thank YOU for reading, following and commenting. In this time, I have been blessed to connect with many inspirational, passionate, engaging and compassionate people.

Recently, I was fortunate to receive some award nominations from fellow bloggers. It is truly wonderful to know that people value the content of Made of Stars.

Thank you to Hard Head Vegan and Eat Breathe Yogini for brightening my day with Sunshine Awards. :)

Thank you to Uberdish and Live Blissful for bestowing me with Beautiful Blogger Awards. :)

Thank you to Laura at the Cook to Love Project for gifting me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. :)

Part of the acceptance process involves answering some questions and nominating fellow bloggers.

The Very Inspiring Blog Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award require me to list seven interesting facts about myself. For my responses to the (ten) Sunshine Award questions, see this post.

7 (hopefully!) interesting facts about Ally:

* I was involved in a car accident 12 years ago. I had major abdominal surgery to repair internal injuries that were caused by the seat belt. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks, and was not allowed to consume any food or drink for 2 weeks. Ah, that was tough! I still have residual fear of a car accident when I am a passenger in a vehicle.

* My three sons were born at home. Each time, we had a midwife in attendance. My youngest son, 9 months, was born into water, and his big sister cut his umbilical cord. My other sons were born on dry land!

* I am a proponent of extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, and elimination communication (‘nappy free’).

* Recently, I have become interested in minimalism. It complements my anti-consumerist tendencies. I have de-cluttered and donated to my hearts content.

* I was born in Sydney, but moved to a country area in my early 20′s with my (now) husband. We enjoy the slower pace of life, the many farmers’ markets, the greenery, the rain forests, the sense of community. We live within 30 mins drive of the coast, so we can still get an ‘ocean fix’.

* As a young child and teenager, I was a super-fit squad swimmer who made it to state level competition. Despite the fact that I do not exercise, I can still dive into a pool and swim 1 km or more fairly easily. But, I probably couldn’t run 500 metres without collapsing. I must do something about that. During a zombie apocalypse, I’d be picked off easily – unless I encountered one in a river. I would have a fighting chance then. Can zombies swim?

* In my late teens and early 20′s, I was vocal about the fact that I did not want to have children. Why would anyone want to bring children into this world, with all of  its injustices, horrors and misery? I am so, so HAPPY that I changed my mind. I still lament the horrors of this world, but I also know that it is full of love, joy and wonder. :)

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for, the nominees:

For the Sunshine Award I nominate:

V is for Vegetables – you must check out her award-winning Hummus Pizza! Vanessa has an engaging, friendly, writing style.

Tempeh Tantrum- a fellow smoothie fanatic. I love her food photos, and style of writing. Great blog name too!


For the Beautiful Blogger Award I nominate:

Earthgiven Kitchen – Sarina was one of the first bloggers I discovered when I started blogging. I enjoy her writing style and friendly approach. I look forward to making her Crispy Breaded Tofu Strips.

Live. Learn. Love. Eat – I really enjoy reading this blog. Like me, Tiffany is a mama to young children. Delicious recipes, inspiring quotes and great photos are my favourite parts of this blog. As an Aussie who hasn’t seen snow for 2 decades, I relish Tiffany’s photos of snow and rugged-up kids.


For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I nominate:

Live Blissful – one of the first bloggers I met when I created Made of Stars. I enjoy reading about her experiences of ‘veganizing’ meals – she has  a flair for it, and is not afraid to experiment. Her blog has grown substantially in the last month. Clearly, she is inspirational!

Lidia at Vegan Bloggers Unite! – In my book, few people are as inspiring as a blogger that promotes other vegan bloggers. Keep up the great work Lidia! :)

I extend a warm thank you to the generous liveblissful for nominating Made of Stars for a Sunshine Award. I am thrilled to be nominated!

Made of Stars is a fledgling blog, about to enter her fourth week of life. It warms my heart to know that someone finds it inspirational. Thanks liveblissful. :)

Thank you, also, for sharing your fabulous recipes. In particular, the delicious  Linguine con Salsa di Spinaci.

Now on to the formalities!

If you are nominated, include a link in your blog to the person (blog) that nominated you. Answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers (and link their blogs in your post). Don’t forget to inform people that you have nominated them.

The questions:

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Jeremy Bentham. He has been touted as an early advocate of animal rights, and he was a champion of women’s rights.

2. What is your favorite number?  9

3. What is your favorite animal? Whenever my kids ask me this question, I find it difficult to nominate just one animal. Earth is home to so many diverse, majestic beings – butterflies, sloths, pandas, echidnas. But, I will provide the answer that I give my children: Elephants.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter? Made of Stars does not have a facebook page or Twitter account. Maybe, one day?

5. What is your favorite time of day? Early morning. I actually enjoy early mornings. The birds are singing and the whole day is full of promise!

6. What was your favourite holiday? I enjoy holidays with my husband and kids. The destination is less important than the time we spend together, relaxing and laughing without the pressures of day-to-day routines. Many years ago, my sister, mum and I had a very enjoyable holiday in Singapore and Malaysia. We ate amazing (vegan) food.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? Swimming. Lap swimming. I don’t do a lot of it these days though.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Green smoothies and soy lattes – opposite ends of the health spectrum!

9. What is your favorite flower? I have always loved sunflowers.

10. What is your passion? Reading. I am a voracious reader – both fiction and non-fiction. Two of my favourite fiction books are: The Book Thief and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I am also passionate about non-fiction writing.

I nominate:

Honey For The Bees – ‘My adventures in life and veganism’.  Yummy recipes. A friendly and engaging writing style. I thoroughly enjoy reading HFTB.

So You Want To Be A Vegan - Suzanne shares her inspirational journey; awesome photos; delicious recipes. I want to go for a cycle when I read this blog!

Vegan La Raza - Xiomara has just celebrated her first veganniversary. Check out her post: ‘The Continual Commodification of Sentient Beings and the Omission of the Working Poor in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’.  It’s a must read.

The Lily’s Water - A focus on animal rights with a global perspective; human rights; companion animal care. Susannah’s articles about the cruelty of the horse racing industry, Thailand’s native wildlife, and refugees, are essential reading.

Uberdish - ‘The ultimate food for thought’. I was happy to ‘meet’ Angela recently. She started Uberdish around the time that I started Made of Stars. I look forward to reading more about her family’s journey, and her gluten-free recipes.

Vedged Out- I can’t imagine that this is Vedged Out’s first (or last) nomination for a Sunshine Award. What’s not to like? Amazing recipes, and an inspirational journey. Somer is engaging and encouraging. Somer’s post on running is worth reading if you are interested in taking up the sport, or wanting to get back in to it. I was ready to start running as soon as I’d finished reading it!

Violet’s Veg*n e-comics - ‘Virtual picture stories and comic books for veggie kids, little and big’. Check out my favourite – ‘I’m Not Dinner’.

Hard Head Vegan - ‘Stubbornness makes good food. Usually’. This blog always makes me chuckle. You can’t miss Hard Head’s posts on ‘To Crack a Coconut and ‘Chickpea Salad – a Tale of Slaughter’. :)

Staying Sarah A vegan mama of two gorgeous tiny vegans; baby wearing; modern cloth nappies; yummy recipes; messy play; delightful photos. Check out the post about Sarah’s recent birthday party.

Suburban Simplicity  – ‘Living simply and lightly’. I enjoy the focus on simple living, and the post about Claudette makes me smile. I agree with Liz – junk mail should be banned!



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