{Recipe} Pear and Walnut Cake (plus, ‘what’s going on at Made of Stars?’)

Hello friends!

This is my first recipe post in over 3 months, and it may be my last for a little while too. Let me explain…..

During my blogging break, I took on a commitment that is very important to me and which requires a significant time outlay. Namely, I was offered a role as an Associate Editor at The Scavenger, an online magazine run by Katrina Fox. Naturally, I said ‘yes’!

I wrote a couple of articles for the Scavenger in 2011, about vegan pregnancy and vegan diets for children, and I am thrilled to be involved more directly with the magazine.

In my role as Associate Editor, I plan to continue to write – and source – articles on topics that I am passionate about: animal rights, veganism, vegan parenting and social justice. Some of you know that I have a background in social work, and that I currently work in the community, not-for-profit sector. This also inspires my writing.

So, what does that mean for Made of Stars?

Regretfully, I will no longer be able to commit to a weekly recipe post. Rather, I will post recipes on an irregular basis, as inspiration strikes me. However, I promise I won’t take 3 months to post my next recipe!

Also, I plan to continue working on my A-Z of veganism series (L is for… is currently in the works). In addition, I will link to my articles on The Scavenger if I think they may be of interest to readers of Made of Stars.


I developed this recipe when we had an abundance of very ripe pears in our fruit bowl. I have made it several times now. It is a moreish and scrumptious cake, suitable for afternoon tea with friends or as a lunch box treat (I have been know to pack a slice in my lunch box for work).

Moreover, the pears can be replaced with thinly sliced apples. I did this on one occasion, and was very happy with the result.

I use coconut sugar, but you could substitute with your preferred sugar if you don’t have coconut sugar in your pantry.

The tiny vegans also enjoy this cake but I am sure that doesn’t surprise you. :) Little Baker enjoys helping with the preparation. When he sees a mixing bowl, he calls out: ‘mix, Mummy, mix’.  Which means: ‘hand over the spatula, Mum’!


(quantity: 10-12 slices)

1 1/4 cups wholemeal plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda, sifted

3/4 cup coconut sugar

1/4 cup walnut pieces

1/3 cup sunflower oil

3/4 cup soy milk (or other plant-based milk)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp white vinegar

1 large ripe pear


1. Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F. Grease and line a spring form cake tin.

2. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl, including the walnuts. Mix well, then set aside.

3. Use a vegetable peeler to peel the pear, then core and cut into thin slices. Set aside.

4. To a jug or small mixing bowl, add the oil, soy milk, vanilla and vinegar. Mix well with a fork or whisk, then add to the dry ingredients. Mix well until combined, but do not over-stir.

5. Transfer the batter to the cake tin, and smooth the top. Then arrange the pear slices on the top. I also add a walnut half to the centre. Bake for 35 mins (or until an inserted skewer comes out clean).

6. Store leftovers in an air tight container.


Wishing you all a beautiful week.

Ally :)


About Ally
Mamma. Vegan. I blog at Made of Stars.

12 Responses to {Recipe} Pear and Walnut Cake (plus, ‘what’s going on at Made of Stars?’)

  1. This recipe just screams AUTUMN! Just what i’m in the mood for at the moment. It looks delicious, and I’ve bookmarked it.

    Congratulations on your new position. Looks like an interesting read – I’ll definitely be checking it out…in fact I think I’ve seen it before. Perhaps you tweeted about it recently…

  2. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been chica! Your new roll for the Scavenger sounds wonderful – congrats! This pear and walnut cake looks really good too. Celeste :)

  3. Congrats on your new role, the mag looks fab! So does the cake, I would have made it now had it not been for the fact I have a cake in the oven already!

  4. uberdish says:

    Congratulations on your new role as Associate Editor! That’s wonderful! So happy to hear that you will continue to amaze us with your delicious vegan recipes. This cake looks mighty tasty! :)

  5. Looks amazing! I love pears and cake, what a combination!

  6. Sophie33 says:

    Congrats on the new job or hobby!!!!
    . Yeah, that is great super exciting news for you. 😊 We will still be here waiting for your cool vegan recipes & friendship, my sweet. Xxx good Luck with it all. xxx

  7. Sophie33 says:

    Btw, this cake looks very scrumptious too,…mmmmmmmm. ☺️

  8. I am so late to the party…but better late than never! Congratulations on the associate editor role :) Hope you’re loving it!

    • Ally says:

      Hello! It’s so lovely to hear from you. Thank you, I am loving it.
      Are you well? What’s new in your world? Ally xxx

      • So glad you’re loving it :) I’m doing well…so much new. Last year was not a blog-filled year, but fella and I did have a tropical wedding on the beach, replete with Mummy-made vegan rum cake. Not sure if 2015 can top that, but I do see more posts in the future! xx

  9. Yay, exciting my friend! I’ve been out of the loop for awhile as you know, but I often think of you! Hope all is going well with you & your beautiful family xxx

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