{Recipe} Cucumber and Nori Cups

I was inspired to create Cucumber and Nori Cups after seeing a recipe called Cucumber Cups in the Veggieful e-book, Vegan Party Food. With beautiful photographs and scrumptious recipes, this e-book is a bargain at only $2.95.

I wanted to make an after school snack for my kids that fit the following criteria: healthy, visually appealing, simple to prepare, and not requiring cooking.

I was planning to make Cucumber and Nut Cheese Bites (using hommus instead of nut cheese) when I remembered the Cucumber Cups I had seen in Vegan Party Food. Veggieful’s Cucumber Cups are packed with satay tofu. I am yet to make them, but they look truly delectable.

I packed my cucumber cups with ingredients that were available in my kitchen. Then I wrapped them in strips of nori (seaweed).



Continental (telegraph) Cucumber


grated carrot

chopped pineapple

cubed beetroot

raw cashews 

sesame seeds

poppy seeds

raw cashews

nori sheet


1. Cut the cucumber into 3 cm pieces (approximately). Obviously, the length of your cucumber will determine the number of cups. Use more than one cucumber if you want to make a larger quantity.

2. Scoop out some of the flesh using a teaspoon:


3. Add a dollop of hommus to each cup. Add the grated carrot. Then add pineapple, beetroot, and cashews. Sprinkle some cups with poppy seeds, and some with sesame seeds.

4. Cut thin strips from a sheet of nori. Wrap each strip snuggly around the cups, then moisten the end with water to ‘stick’ it down.

5. Serve.


This is a very ‘flexible’ recipe. You can use a different combination of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Use nut cheese, nut butter, vegan cream cheese, or other dips instead of hommus. You can omit the nori.


This recipe need never be the same each time you make it. Be guided by the ingredients in your kitchen.

A tip: If you don’t use hommus, use a ‘thick’ dip. A runny dip will spill over the sides when you add the rest of the ingredients. Yes, it happened to me. :)

What is your favourite party food? 

Each Monday, I feature a delicious vegan recipe that is enjoyed by my family. I hope your family enjoys it too.

Sharing this recipe with Healthy Vegan Fridays.


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18 Responses to {Recipe} Cucumber and Nori Cups

  1. susykat says:

    They are just SO cute! :D

  2. Yum yum! I love the fresh, crisp, summery look of these little guys. I’m not usually a cucumber fan, mostly because of the seeds, but this recipe inspires me to crack my mind open and give the cucumber another try. So visually appealing, too!

    • Ally says:

      I am happy to hear that you are inspired to give the humble cucumber another opportunity to charm you. :) You’ll be happy to hear that most of the seeds get scooped out.

  3. Andra Muhoberac says:

    The cucumber cups are really cool (of course) cute, and pretty, except for the nori. I can’t even look at people eating nori. I KNOW it’s good for you but…Anyway, I love the cucumber cup idea!

    • Ally says:

      My mum is not a fan of nori either. I won’t hold it against you! haha!
      The cups are quicker to prepare without the nori. :)

  4. uberdish says:

    I love your cucumber and nori cups! I think they would make a delicious appetizer on a warm summer’s evening. I’m liking the idea of filling them with a vegan cream cheese and a dab of chutney. Or some guacamole! :)

    • Ally says:

      Oh I like your style! I never thought of chutney. You could have an Indian-inspired cucumber cup- with chickpeas instead of cashews. Coconut yoghurt could make an appearance too!
      Has spring made an appearance yet?!
      Looking forward to an update on your cleanse as you head into the final stage. :)

      • uberdish says:

        Ally you could write a book on cucumber and nori cups! I love the thought of adding chickpeas.

        Yes, spring is here. Thank you for asking. The snow has finally gone and we are seeing a bit more sunshine (lots of rain, too).

        My cleanse was officially done last night. I feel great! So much, that I hesitate now to eat anything that wasn’t on the plan. I will continue to stick to mostly raw as much as I can and include a green smoothie every day.

  5. Starr says:

    These look so fresh and delicious! They’ll make a perfect summer appetizer.

  6. veganmiam says:

    So cute!

    ♡ rika, vegan miam
    ★ i travel + i eat vegan blog ★

  7. Sophie33 says:

    MMMM, Ally! They look refreshing, tasty & fabulous even! easy to make too! :)

  8. narf77 says:

    YUM! I wish I had been following this blog when I was trying to hide cucumbers under the furniture to deal with our glut we had over summer. Next year I will be armed with this recipe AND my fermented pickles ;)

  9. These are the darn cutest appetizers Ally! Perfect for a summer gathering!! Celeste:)

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